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Sanja Ilić, Director of Admissions
International School of Beijing (ISB)

GSO and Jon were the keys to ensuring that I had a seamless transition into this role at the American International School of Guangzhou (AISG) from my role as Director of Admissions at the American International School of Chennai (AISC).


He gave me mature and transparent communication tools that he'd created and made the school's incoming Director and Board fluent with and struck the right metrics and tone.


Jon's leadership also secured not only the school's highest-ever enrollment, through his naturally positive personality but also 100% full school year payment from each admitted and re-enrolling family to that point before I walked in the door.


He gave me a great orientation to the AISG community and was a true partner in championing my success and making sure that I started on as strong and familiar a note with the community as possible. This while implementing a new Veracross portal and screening/hiring one of my top Admissions analysts.


It was a great situation to inherit and I highly recommend working with GSO, as they can do this for your school with not only Admissions but all areas of operations.


Jon really knows what he's doing and has the experience, relational personality, and leadership skills to quickly advance your school in ways you may not have thought of!

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