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Thank you for your interest in GSO. As a child, I loved to build and play with Legos. I especially focused on skyscrapers and quickly learned that the higher they reach, the stronger their foundational blocks need to be. The same is true for schools and the business support of their learning aspirations.

For over 20 years, I've developed and connected business-related blocks in leadership positions at global technology companies and international schools. By helping senior leaders and teams construct, understand, and successfully use these blocks (policies, budgets, communications, efficient systems, and more), they've exceeded goals, saved money, and thrilled customers and communities. The best part was making global human connections, leveraging a love for travel (over 100 countries on 6 continents), and adapting to how different cultures do business and educate.


It's a privilege and pleasure to bring this craft to dynamic senior leaders like you to create lasting partnerships and friendships by helping you evolve your school's business operations to meet global dynamics and secure positive results.


Whatever your situation, our team will apply its three core values of being relational, versatile, and efficient to fuel your success with reusable tools and skills that leave your school, educators, and clients in a better place.

In an area where developing outstanding human beings is your mission, the stronger your underlying business operations are, the more you can confidently focus on and fulfill your learning aspirations.


I'm Jon Hansen ~ a leader, advisor, and true optimist dedicated to your achieving your best business practice. 


We can't wait to meet you, help you build your own blocks, and celebrate your accelerated success - together!

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