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Tom Kirby, Customer Success Manager
OpenApply - (Successful Implementation at American School of The Hague)
Oslo International School In Progress)

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jon on a recent project, implementing a new software system and processes for an Admissions department at a large international school in Europe.


Jon has excellent knowledge of international school admissions, IT skills, and project management, so he was the ideal person to work with on this kind of project. We worked closely to ensure that the project was completed on time and handed over to the end-user to their satisfaction.


The project was reasonably large, involving process reviews, change management, staff training, data migration, and many other aspects. Jon's communication skills, along with his friendly, positive attitude certainly played a huge part in helping the implementation of the project to be a successful and enjoyable experience.


Jon ensured that communication, goals, and next steps were clear for all stakeholders, resulting in rapid and sustained progress throughout the project.

I am currently engaged to support him in his role as Acting Chief Financial and Operations Officer at Oslo International School hope that I may continue to have the opportunity to work with Jon and GSO on future IT projects!

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